We spend +19 min

per 30 min trip in the morning

We spend +26 min

per 30 min trip in the evening

7 days 6 hours

Is the amount of time we lose driving during rush hour over the year

Jakarta Ranks 10th

For the most congested traffic in the world in 2019

QNAP Remote Work

We now live in the age of remote working and mobile offices. With QNAP’s remote work solutions, you can ensure that your organization can provide employees with the freedom to work remotely without impacting everyday work requirements and productivity.


SD-WAN Solution for Resilient IT Infrastructure

QuWANSubscription-free SD-WAN Solution for Resilient IT Infrastructure QNAP’s QuWAN SD-WAN solution features Auto Mesh VPN, IPsec encryption and cloud-centric management. Compatible with a wide range of QNAP products, QuWAN enables SMBs to efficiently build a dependable network at a cost-effective price, and to facilitate digital transformation, multi-site expansion and remote working.

Run Virtual Machine in one device

QNAP introduces a hybrid approach to virtualization. No matter your virtualization needs, you can count on QNAP NAS for complete virtualization support with greater flexibility and cost savings.

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

GIGABYTE now offers solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, designed for customers who want to run their virtualized applications on premises while updating and consolidating their aging server infrastructure, and giving them the benefits of integration with Microsoft Azure for cloud based backup, monitoring and site recovery.

Facial Recognition with Body Temperature Measurement

A seamless shield for your workspace is constructed by integrating access control with thermal sensor and facial recognition technology. Our solution allows organizations in various industries to act rapidly with real-time temperature screening and access control integrated into a single device.