The XS5200 series is built for mission-critical database applications. Its five 9’s high availability, dual active controllers, Cache-to-Flash memory protection, and efficient array-based backup solutions are all tailor-made for database applications. By using QCache or all flash solutions, database latency can increase performance up to 400%. Thanks to this performance increase, you can consolidate more databases into the XS5200 series and reduce database licensing fees by up to 50%. Using the free QSnap/QClone/QReplica enterprise storage functions reduces database backup time from hours to minutes by utilizing incremental copy-on-write technology. Running your SQL Server environment or Orcale 12c database environment on the XS5200 series means:

Accelerated database performance with stunning throughput and high random IOPS

Reduce or eliminate planned/unplanned downtime utilizing the redundant components, high availability and non-disruptive operations

Reduce storage and data management costs and increase ROI (Return On Investment)

Accelerate application test/develop process and deployment


Maximum Capacity and Consistent High Performance

Cost-Optimized Architecture

Easy to Set Up, Maintain, and Expand.

Get Data to Applications Fast and Protect Valuable Assets.

Build In Security at the Foundation of the Data Life Cycle.