Object Storage


Buisnesses are interested in big data for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons lie in the insights and sound business descisions that can be made only by analysis of vast amounts of data. Bigtera can help solve some of the largest issues that companies encounter when dealing with big data.

High performance (IOPS): Cloud computing applications require a great deal of processing power to analyse and visualize data. Bigtera supports flash-based SSD acceleration to bring the computing power needed for big data.

High performance (throughput): Data delivery is critical for big data applications and storage. All Bigtera products scale up and out and add to throughput performance for best data delivery performance.

Cost effective capacity: Bigtera products scale up and out which provides cost effective scalability ideally suited for big data applications and storage. Adding resources to your infrastructure results in no disruption of service when Bigtera products are deployed in the data center. This allows administrators to add resources quickly when they need them.