All-in-One AI Solution: The Combination of System and Software The TS-2888X AI-Ready NAS is designed to optimize AI workflows, providing a hands-on, ready-to-use software environment to reduce time and complexity for implementation and management. Besides the exclusive QuAI – an AI developer package to quickly build, train and optimize AI models running on the NAS – QNAP's Container Station enables a range of open-source tools and frameworks for the AI workflows readily available to you. Being an all-in-one AI solution, the TS-2888X greatly simplifies the implementation of AI alongside providing greater cost-efficiency.

Existing equipment with insufficient performance

Limited budget

Confidential information not suitable for public cloud training

Painful environment deployment

Enormous storage needed to save raw data

Different management approaches for model training

Secure and complete disaster recovery solutions required (with backup, data sharing, Internet setting, etc.)