Imagine a superior, simple, and secure storage solution that offers complete freedom. The freedom to concentrate on your business. The freedom to spend more time with your family, and less time in the server room. The freedom from the stress of complicated configurations. With the XCubeFAS XF2026D, all of the can be achieved. The XF2026D is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to manage your storage in just a few simple clicks. Multiple volume creation, automatic remote replication, SSD monitoring, performance analytics, and even more amazing features have never been easier to use. To make things better, if you're unalbe to be at the office, you can even operate your XF2026D with your mobile device. With QSAN's new all-flash array, we redefine the professional.


Deliver unfettered data access with extremely low 250 microsecond latency

Ensure data is consistently available with next-gen Seagate ADAPT data protection for up to 95% faster rebuilds than traditional RAID configurations

Easily upgrade capacity and speed with hot-swappable Seagate SSDs

Save time with quick 5-step setup and low maintenance support design

Rely on factory-tested components that are qualified before delivery